Dec 21, 2020 marks the transition into the Age of Aquarius. For eons, the power has rested in traditional, hierarchical structures, and their beliefs have dictated our reality. Aquarius is here to turn the power over to the individual, giving the individual the freedom to choose their own reality.
The Final Chamber  Collection teaches us that we should:
Take a risk and follow our dreams rather than live someone else’s dream
Use our time on earth wisely rather than wasting it away doing something you aren't passionate about
The value of Freedom vs non freedom
2020 is a year of chaos, yet it is also year of clarity 
CHAOS FOR ALL was born from Chaos, Just as the universe once was 
CHAOS FOR ALL teaches us that we must embrace the paradox that is chaos, embrace the unknown, rather than be afraid of it, so that we may truly live a life worth living